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United Networks for Growth invites you to be part of a network that promotes holistic approach to entrepreneurship. We offer entrepreneurs specialized support in the areas of Health, Wealth, Personal Growth and Business Development. These form Four Pillars of Entrepreneurship.

Through United Networks for Growth, you will find resources that help you grow your business and satisfy your need for achievement and personal fulfillment.



United Networks for Growth supports the community of entrepreneurs by providing holistic and individualized learning programs. The individualized learning programs focus on competencies required by entrepreneurs in matters of Health, Wealth, Personal Growth and  Business Development.

A Web of Connection

The goal of United Networks for Growth is to construct a Web of Connection to link all Entrepreneurs with existing Business Networks, Experts, and Business Centers.

Through United Networks for Growth, you will have numerous occasions to learn and interact with Experts, as well as participate in activities such as panel and small group discussions. These interactive networking opportunities can support you on issues of health, wealth, personal growth and business development. 

United Networks for Growth


Annie Hardock Speaker, Author, Event Organizer

92 Brock St. W., Uxbridge Ontario Canada

Tel.: +1 905-852-6677



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